Monday, August 30, 2010

material girl. material world. control yourself

we all have wants and needs and we all love to exceptionally splurge on things that we think we want. It makes us happy, it can make us cry but when you are truly happy with whats around you do you still need as much?

When we receive the right amount of comfort from loved ones and family the urge of pulling out my wallet to pay for something lessens. Money is our most secure form of comfort. It makes you pretty and it makes you smile and  of course we like to show it off.

But what if things are different, times have changed and we dont feel the need for more. am i going insane? or am i just appreciating the fact that I have best friends, real ones and I have a bf that loves me so much and not to mention my tsangers. 

So im going to try buy less and consume what nature can provide for me. 

i said TRY....

realize what the fake can do to you, turn you against your friends and your family. keep a balance, keep it real:)

Monday, August 23, 2010

when all fails and you hope to find a product that might satisfy your facial desires

I enjoy using the Biotherm aquasource sensitive skin care range but honestly I'm still not completely satisfied. Ill give it a B+. yes it calmed my skin down a little, yes it moisturized abit but 'Im looking for something a little extra. Because it is almost spring i decided to introduce... ( wait before i begin congrats to suzi for your new clinique set =]) two new family facial members, the MICRODELIVERY exfoliating wash by PHILOSOPHY wash and also KIEHLS ultra facial moisturizer SPF 15 for all skin types ( hoping it wont hurt my sensitive skin.. )

philosophy micro delivery exfoliate

My reason for choosing the PHILOSOPHY exfoliating face wash, was because of the hype that everyone was on about. gentle enough for daily use? 30 second mini peel? gives your skin the glow it deserves? that sounds like an every day mini facial to me!!  but yeah i also needed an exfoliator that wasn't just your ordinary apricot scrub.

my reason for purchasing the KIEHLS spf moisturizer was because since I was a little girl, my good old bro told me to use it. He introduced me into the world of kiehls and its benefits that use natural products that works well on diff areas on the skin. I was also looking for something that acted like a base for my make up and had the functions of moisturising at the same time. Ill give it ago=]. fingers cross that this would be my holy grail. if not seriously fml...

NOW for something i really enjoy!!
MAC - sheertone blush in 'DollyMix & MOCHA'
Im really excited to use this blush because of how pretty the colour is! because my skin undertone is yellow i think this blush with blue undertones will really compliment.... if i have the right foundation on of course...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jojoba post

What is Jojoba oil??
Jojoba ) is a botanical extract of the seed of the jojoba tree (Simmondsia chinenis).

It is theorized that applying jojoba to the skin can “trick” the skin into thinking it is producing enough oil, thus balancing oil production. The bottom line for us is that jojoba oil is safe for people with eczema, acne, and any other burns or rashes (just to name a few) so we can all use it  without fear.

 Why I purchased JoJoba oil and what was my skin like after using once?

I have not eaten very well lately and its true about what they say "You are what you eat" and yes... it shows on my skin! I have suffered eczema all my life and in which some cases are quite severe and most days (as i grow older is mild to non [ my lucky days...]) anyway no more rambling back to why i use jojoba oil. I have recently adapted to the foundation that LESS is more and NATURAL is best.  I have tried many home remedies such as honey and sugar masks, lemon juice + sugar scrub, honey mask etc.... n yes they all have great benefits to your skin but i was looking for something more... something that would benefit my eczema when it shows something that might tame the redness and also the scaling of the dead skin cells. JOJOBA oil! as i mentioned before jojoba oil acts is the CLOSEST thing to the natural sebum so it imitates it and restores and repairs. I have broken capillaries on my skin, popping pimple scars and also very OBVIOUS dry spots if I leave it untreated. So with the new purchase of JOJOBA oil from price line  better then spending 300 on a skin care.

I apply it directly onto my skin (after washing face) and  I spend about 2 - 5 minutes giving my face a little pamper just massaging my temples.. my cheeks, the area between my nose bridge and eyes and my lips and my chin just any where you feel dry. ALSO i have some appearing minor rashes on my skin i also massage the oil onto those designated areas (or your whole body for the MORNING GLOW )!!  so after a week or month  I will update on this review to see the final results on whether this CLAIMED miracle really worked for me

Saturday, August 14, 2010

appreciation is a great wonder

sometimes its so hard to appreciate things in your life? are we too materialistic? or are we just human

Monday, August 9, 2010

gosh lippy, miki nail polish, stila trio eye shadow,, maybelline eye studio

I recently bought some new make up =D and here are the pictures and my thoughts on each individual product

The packaging is unique and is simple yet when you see it you definatly can see that THATS STILA! my first impression of the product was that it was another baked eye shadow trip and it doesnt really look that pigmented but with one swatch as you can see, i was wrong and it was very very pigmented. The colours include a bass colour, a highlight and a contour=] cant wait to use this in summer

MIKI nail colour

the first colour is a black colour that contains green/gold reflexes, according to susana, CHANEL has a line of nail laquers similar to this colour:) the second colour is a complete grey colour that has a hint of violet once seen in the soon! and the third colour is a cute violet/purple colour
all colours where purchased @ ZUZA ($5 each)

I do believe that what you pay for is what you get, so here it is! as soon as i opened the case the lid broke off and i had to re assemble it myself so that was disappointing.! but on the good side each and every shadow IS VERY VERY PIGMENTED:) i wore these colors for my birthday and i swear that they lasted the whole night ( with the mac paint pot in bare study for a base) . cost (13 - 14$$$ au) SO i think it was a very reasonable price.. minus the lid breaking..(

left = MAGNOLIA right = WILD ROSE

These packaging of the lipsticks are not the most unique ones but it looks simple and classic in the black tube! the pigmentation on these lipsticks are unbelievable! one swatch n this is what you get! these colours, are suitable for most skin tones and gives your complextion a slight flush which is GREAT for when you need to just wake up fix your hair and apply some cute pink pigmentation on ya lips=] 


Sunday, August 8, 2010

sigma make up brushes

I recently decided to purchase sigma brushes. I was abit uncertain because it might not be as good as all the big hype going on on you tube. I LOVED THE PACKAGING the make up brushes came in a mini brush roll and all the make up was sealed with a brush seal. From sigma i purchased the Travel Kit Naughty in Black! It also came with a free duo fibre stippling brush (F50) and i also purchased the individual flat top synthetic kabuki (F80) and the SS109 - which is perfect for contouring.
Travel Kit Naughty in Black   includes
  • large powder F30
  • large angle contour F40
  • foundation F60
  • tapered blending E40
  • eye shading E55
  • pencil E30
  • conceal F70

My overall thoughts :-
positive -
  • great for travel as it does not take up that much space.
  • all brushes are very soft and dense for precision make up applications for throughout the face
  • their quality feels similar to the MAC brushes
  • GREAT packaging
  • very affordable and i will re purchase the PREMIUM kit =]
negative -
  • this ones a personal one, i dont like how short the brushes are
  • the have a little bit of fall out but it dusmt bleed


i had the best birthday! here are some photos

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

blush or a bronzer makes a pop difference in your life

the perfect boyfriend?
the perfect friend?
the perfect companion?
will always be on your cheeks=]
what will make a girl happier then a comment saying
wow your cheeks look so goood or your face looks glowing
well thanks to the perfect blusher / bronzer your on your way to a smiley day=]
btw.. which i have not really found yet :(

my fav cheek products!

purchases from strawberryNET


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My birthday present from brendon

Saturday 31st July - Sunday 1st Aug was probably one of the most fun and memorable trips I have ever had and experienced.

Our plan was

  •  Have a walky talky at Rye beach and go local n explore
  • Chilled and relaxed back in our GORGEOUS hotel room =]
where we stayed!
- When i thought brendon was shaving his what-what and then  like It was actually a surprise and he was writing a card!
Our four star beautiful room

my important 1/2
my dork!
- When we arrived to our hotel suite which looked SO SWEEET and sexy! too romantic=]
-Going to the hot springs feeling tad weird then had the BEST time
- Dinner was so yummy
- drinking up n playing UNO!!!!

note* I cannot wait to go away with you again! i had the best time <3

uni..... + i wants again

tony bianco - leyla

109 maC
I LOVE MY BRENDON LAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • New printer (HP Photosmart Plus AIO Printer)
  • Accounting; What the numbers mean, 2nd ed. (2008)
  • Business and the Law, 5th ed., Cengage (2009) and Business Law – Butterworths Q & A series (2001)
  • Marketing: Real People, Real Choices, Pearson Education Australia
  • Applied Business IS textbook

credits to 

Monday, August 2, 2010


W H Y ?

i want a tom ford lipstick please

yes please!