Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturising Foundation & Bobbi Brown Face Poudre review

1) Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation
Shade: Natural ( suitable for yellow undertone)
The Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturising Foundation is a luxurious moisture rich foundation which has anti aging properties and is designed for people who have normal combination to dry skin. Personally, I think this foundation is also suitable for people with sensitive skin.
Im in the shade Natural.

To apply this foundation I like to use my IQQU stippling mini stippling brush or a dense flat top kabuki to ensure my foundation does not streak or cause "caking." In my opinion, this foundation is one of the most delicate foundations I have used and by the term delicate I mean the foundation appears to be light coverage but once applied correctly, it even outs my skin tone and any redness around areas such as my nose and lips but it also acts as a concealer and it automatically color corrects my dark circles making it appear lighter and hence, my look looks instantly refreshed and glowing. This foundation gives me soft radiant, even toned skin and I am even more willing to use it now because it promotes collagen boost which is essential for women! This foundation does make my skin glow but from what I can see there is no shimmer particles in it at all so I am assuming that there are micro reflexes within the foundation! That being said, Micro reflexes do tend to abstract more sunlight to your face so be sure to apply SPF on your face to keep yourself from aging !

The only downside to this foundation is that because it provides my skin a glowing texture and keeps my face hydrated all almost all day, by the end of the day I do find that there are some crease lines around my eye area and some across my lip area but that problem is easily fixed with my Lancome Dual Powder or for a more dewy finish I use my Bobbi Brown face powder! \

rate: 4.5/5

2) Bobbi Brown Face Powder (Loose Powder)

Shade: Soft Sand 5
Bobbi Browns face powder was an impulse buy and I honestly was not expecting much from this powder as I have dry skin and majority of powders I try seriously just cake and flake. This powder is BEAUTIFUL for a dewy finish ontop of my Bobbi Brown Luminous moisturising foundation. 
The texture of this powder feels like fairy dust. It is so fine that when pressed against my fingers it blends in my finger tips ( like a liquid foundation would do). For the application of this powder, I prefer to use my IQQU kabuki brush or if I am seeking a more of a high coverage with this foundation I like to use my Lancome mineral powder brush. I just swirl swirl swirl firstly setting my nose area and under the eye and then the rest of my cheeks and chin etc. This foundation is SO SUPRISINGLY hydrating! The texture is soft and definitely not chalky at all! Lancome's ageless Minerale powder was my HG but its not in competition with this Bobbi Brown face powder!!! The coverage is light to medium and is buildable:) 

rate: 5/5

xx Hope my review was interesting

Monday, March 28, 2011

How cute!

I think MAC new make up limited edition launch is by far my FAVOURITE. Its cute, its querky an I love pastel colours:)
This collection definitely has to be the cutest one I've seen yet from MAC.
Inspired by love hearts, baby pinks and purples and baby blues and greens! This is so CUTE!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quote of the month

Nothing to do with make up or skin care

I am who I am, I make mistakes, I say bad words, I complain and sometimes I do not realise it.

Judge me, curse me whatever

Im just human.

Monday, March 21, 2011

New make up items :)

New Make up and skincare products... Cant wait to try and then review!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FACE Q face masks ( Grape seed + Green Tea )

Im currently loving the Face Q face masks ( Grape seed + Green tea). These cute packaged face masks I think originate from Taiwan and its quite popular along with My beauty diary and many other Q10 face masks. I purchased 5 of these to sample from and so far I am enjoying the instant results :)

A description of the face mask below:

Face Q Grape Seed + Green Tea Mask with a unique micro-emulsion technology turns nourishment into micro-emulsion particles that are smaller and easier to penetrate into the skin, improving moisture replenishment. Mask is made from 100% wood pulp with silk, it fit your facial contour perfectly, rapidly infiltrate moisture for the skin, after use your skin with become supple with natural radiance. Formulated with all natural botanical extracts, grape seeds contain powerful proanthocyanidins antioxidant, can prevent the skin from oxidation damage, thus lose luster and flexibility. Grape seed also has synergistic effect with collagen and elastin, making skin a shiny and flexible, and prevent premature wrinkles and skin spots. 

My thoughts:

Tonight is my second night using the face mask and I already see instant brighter complexion and plumper skin! So I have sensitive skin and Im very skeptical of what I use on my skin and because of many hype about this face mask i decided to try it! I did not feel any stinging sensation THANK goodnes!

The texture of this face mask is amazing and it really does feel like the emulsion is being absorbed into my skin. The face mask it self is very easily adjusted onto my face and even when I am sitting up right it does not slide off! The smell of the face mask is very nice and its not overly perfumed which is good. I feel like the grape seed and green tea mask really does hydrate and replenish my skin. I would wake up in the morning, touch my face and it feels really smooth and my complexion looks brighter!

I also love how this face mask gives my face a very cooling sensation whilst its on. It really makes me feel like my skin is drinking up the product and I am very pleased with this face mask!

rate: 4/5
I purchased this from and the price is $12.60 for a box of 10 ( VERY affordable)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Clump mascara

The Estee Lauder Double Wear zero-clump Curling mascara is by far the best formulated mascara by Estee Lauder by far (in my opinion of course). I have extremely thin, short stubborn lashes that will not budge with ordinary mascara but the this mascara amazed me.
I firstly curl my eye lashes, then apply about 2 - 3 coats of the mascara and I feel like mascara locks the curls in and most importantly it literally lasts ALL day. I am also very impressed that even after 4 - 5 coats of mascara, my lashes do not look like spider legs but they look like very sexy dramatic doll like lashes!!!
The quick drying forumla is brilliant as I do not have to worry about any smudges and i definitely do not have to worry about flaking!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

simple winged eye liner :) and a little vent

My mum told me to stop using so much skin care on my face and to let nature heal or whatever she said Im not sure. But that question made me question what she said. I use about 10 different typed of skin care products and only my serum is anti aging and the others are quite natural I guess?? :(

Monday, March 7, 2011

Skin care love for the month of Febuary

So since the start of the year I have been using the Vitacreme B12.
Vitacreme B12 claims that it is the only cosmetic product with the Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) as a main active ingredient.

This cream aids with:

  • Skin Reconditioning

  • Very significant reduction in the extent of the wrinkles and fold of the skin

  • Improvement in skin elasticity

  • Correction of the skin dryness
I have been using this cream for the past month or so on my face at night time and I have seen quite significant results in areas such as under the eye areas, around the cheeks where I suffer from dry skin and around my forhead where I also have dry parches. I also feel like my complexion is more awaken (but then maybe I have had more sleep, so I am not too sure if the creme helped awakening my skin). This creme contains salicylic acid so its great for softening the skin and also preventing blemishes! Since I have been using this cream I dont think I have broken out so its great to know that my sensitive skin has not reacted with this creme.
I do have extremely dry skin so sometimes during the colder days using this creme is not enough!

The texture of this creme is incredible! It feels like silk on your hands and it is absorbed into the skin as soon as you smooth it out!

I purchased this from and it costed around $15AUS for 1.76Fluid Ounces (50ML)

This is the NUDE advanced cellular renewal serum and it is probably one of the BEST serums I have ever come across. This serum claims to

• 70% increase in cellular renewal
• 50% reduction in cellular damage
• 35% decrease in irritation


NUDE has created a unique three way system to optimise Hyaluronic Acid within the skin
• A concentrated dose of Hyaluronic Acid instantly plumps and smoothes
• Bioactive Peptides boost natural synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid
• Antioxidant Japanese Sea Kelp helps to protect against the breakdown of Hyaluronic Acid\

So after using this product for about three months I have dramatically noticed a HUGE difference in my skin! yes I am only 20 years old but I do believe that using anti aging products with the help of sunblock protection my aging process will slow down!:)

Anyway! For the three months I have been using this serum there was NOT one time where my skin was dry and parched and I feel like it was because of the help of this serum! I also feel as though my complexion has brightened so much that I really do not need to use liquid foundations any more. Although I don't have any wrinkles etc, I did suffer from eczema (still am from time to time) so I have lots of sensitive areas around my face from using steroid creams from when I was a young girl (elecon, elephrat etc) and that has made my skin very sensitive to the sun and I get sun spots easily! I feel as though using this serum, my sun spots have faded a little and I believe that the continuation of using this serum will help me repair and renew my skin :)

The texture is a light creamy consistancy and you only need ONE drop for the whole entire face (I use two drops when Im feeling like my skin needs a little bit of a pamper)

This serum retails from about $150 - $170 AUDdepending on where you purchase it but it is 30ML (1.1fl.oz)
yes this serum killed my budget but if it really does make a difference and the difference is visible its worth it:)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Look of the day #1

So I guess today I did a very clean look with a winged out eye liner look!

Products I used
Loreal Studio secrets Primer for redness (Primer)
Lancome Ageless Minerale in Honey Beige 10 (Foundation)
Amazing concealer in Medium Golden (Concealer)
Bobbi Brown gel liner ( eye liner)
Lancome Hypnose Mascara in waterproof ( mascara)
Mac Up the amp lipstick (lipstick)
Nars Deep throat (Blush)