Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lancome Ageless Mineral powder foundation, setting powder & bronzer

I have yet to find a foundation that really hydrates my face and gives me the coverage I desire untill I was going through some Youtube + blogposts and there is a bit of a rave about the Lancome Ageless Mineral powder foundation !!

This foundation feels and looks amazing on my skin I've never been a powder foundation person and always stick to something that is very light such as BB cream and very light liquid foundations. I have been using Revlon Colour stay foundation for the past couple of months and I was looking for something just a bit more luxurious rather then just giving me a cake face. I had never used Lancome foundation before and saw a deal on Nordstrom that was selling this gorgeous set for about $80 (+ 66 AUD Shipping... was ridiculous) and decided to give the foundation a test and review!
This foundation provides my skin HIGH coverage without the heavy feeling. My skin feels soft and I can now look in the mirror and literally go "wow.. my skin is glowing " as appose to " I am flaking here and peeling there" This foundation has really boosted my confidence and I am just very pleased with this product over all!

Monday, September 13, 2010

my recent loves!

To me, make up is more then just the thick eye liner and lots of nude lip sticks. Its firstly an interest and secondly its a way of expression. Everyone has their own ways of expressing interest and this is how I express mine. Buying make up is a tricky one because there is SO SO SO MUCH out there. For example lip stick is lipstick but why would it range from the $2 ( a whatever brand)- $ 70 ( Tom Ford lipstick). The difference is marketing (packaging campaigns etc etc) and of course your trust and love for a brand that WORKS for you. One's opinion does count but at the end of the day its your face, and you know it best. I have recently tried out some new stuff ranging from foundations, blushers, lipsticks, eye stuff etc. these are mostly on the higher end brands because i want to know what works for me and what doesnt. In my next post I have make up from your regular priceline brands.

So here is just a snap of the things I have purchased in two weeks. I bought the lancome Age minerale powders ( foundation, setting, bronzer) + Big fluffly brush. I lost my black berry at fucking bass lounge so I bought a new one, some new lens, revlon colour stay in nude, revlon colour stay liquid eyeliner, YSL lipstick, 2xGOSH lipstick, NARS Blush in deep throat, MAC gingerly, maybelline age rewind concealer, candle in chai, sally hansen nail polish in deep purple.

I LOVE make up so im not trying to like brag or anything here but you know sharing is caring. Hopefully sometime this week i am able to right a deep and meaningful review for myself to see which product works for me and which product absolutely is crap and not worth the money.

<3 stay beautiful

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

weekend weekend come already

I am so excited about this weekend:)
Its been such a long time where ESB has gone out beyond glen waverly! We are going to head up to Crown to kitchen works and then probably gamble a little later!
I've wanted to go to Kitchen works since last year:(

I think the price is very reasonable as there is a tepanyaki bar available and from what i heard a pretty nice dessert area thing
But I guess no matter where you go  in life; to eat to play to drink or to live with, it doesn't matter where you go as long as its with the people you love.!

and i have a HUGE HUGE make up haul comming up..... hopefully nothing will dissapoint me