Friday, July 30, 2010

thin air

What do you do when you have had just the best day and then a tidal wave comes and destroys your memory like the sky never wanted you to remember?

What do you do when you feel like you have tried your best but it doesn't seem to mean much at all to the..?

What do you do when you feel like talking to someone but all your doing is talking to your own reflection?

What do you do when the sky keeps pouring rain? how can you stop that? maybe only one person can?


:( i lied... i just want it to go away...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Collective haul (july) Hits n misses i guess


My first impressions of this product was that HOLY MOLY its way to shimmery, but after a couple of plays with it i realised that it makes your skin look very dewy and very healthy. The colours may scare you but with a light hand of application it actually is a great product. I think this product would be my holy grail in the summer times:) I cant wait! This product is also great for if you are a busy person and just doesnt have the time to use 999999999999999 products in the morning. The can be used for contour, blush and highlight around brow bone and also cheek bone!


 After watching tones of reviews about this collection of YOUTUBE I finally got my hands on this product. As this was so expensive and i needed to buy my sigma brushes I could only afford to purchase one item from the collection :( my initial products were that I was scared that it would be too shimmery, but after bad boy @ the MAC counter used becki as a dummy n tested it on her i LOVEDDDDD IT. not too shimmery but enough shimmer for you to glow. This product i think contains gold reflexes which I think highlights your complexion during the day and what not=]

CLINIQUE ALMOST THERE BRONZER : shade 01 (light/medium)

This bronzer is great for summer and winter it contains a lighter shade and also a darker shade for contour and highlight. The powder is completely Matte and doesnt contain any shimmers what so ever. This product contours really well on your skin with or without powder after foundation. I was sent this product my beauty heaven so credits to them :)


packaging is so cute! was VERY affordable buy one get one free @ so what can I say. Its a complete matte powder, no shimmers not too orange and gives a pleasant contour when applied correctly=]

The packaging of this compact inclused a compact with four types of powder inside. It includes from my guess 2 bronzers, one blush and one highlighter. WELL thats what i  use it for anyway. I love this product because you can use it for anything. I use this for contour, blush, bronzer and highlighter and I have found that though this product was extremely afforable (AUD $7) it lasts all day with no touch ups!!!! For people with oily skin I should advise that this may be too shimmery for you especially around your T zone where you would have oil break outs. I recommend this product for people who have normal to combination skin. I have dry skin and I have found that this does show up my cracked skin but to soften the look I use "LUSH" facial spray which tones and soothes dry sensitive skin!

  CHEAP and affordable great buy! located @ chadestone! great quality!!!
ANYWAY I HOPE MY THOUGHTS AND REVIEWS HAVE HELPED=] hopefully I have more reviews, hauls and HOPEFULLY my own tutorials later on <3xoxo emilyyy

Monday, July 26, 2010

random jumping thoughts going in and out of my der brain

When there is an image in front of you, like right in front of you. I look at it, turn my head to the left and to the right and it just makes no sense to me. What ever detail that lays within the image .... it just doesn't look to great together. Maybe something else feels replaced, maybe YOU feel replaced. yep I do. So you know one of those days where... or even one of those HOURS of your life where you just want to ponder the past just that one more time and fix one teeny tiny mistake YEP i felt like that for one split second without even realizing that my conscience is dreaming of something called perfection again. It wont happen, I wont let it happen. No.

So after waking up from my sub - conscience I realized my life is on track. I love my boyfriend, I appreciate my friends and I have a wonderful family + a new born. What more can you want. ? Reality tells me I have the world but my sub conscience is telling me that my past could of been better ... 
BRAIN... why are you such a complex mechanism....?
anyways! that was just a little random vent to the world of blogggers.. who knows.. you MIGHT just be feeling odd like i am

 anyway i came across this really cute picture!


* want to buy products but not sure of the quality? read what other people think of the product and read their reviews!

thank you for sending me generous amounts of products to rate and review!

images + reviews comming up once all tested:)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I want...............

I've recently been window shopping around the CBD and Chadestone and I have laid eyes on some items that I really really want

Army Anorak - Bardot

love this jacket so much!!!! 

Tony Bianco Suede Wedge Boots in NEON.
I think these boots look so simple but would make anything you wear a statement.

Sigma Brushes Premium kit!

I have heard much great news about these brushes and there similarity in comparison to Mac Brushes so I think the premium Kit would be a really great buy

Hopefully Once my source of income is more stable I can buy these wants <3 !

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gloomy day

Today I had a day out with my two best friends @ rebecca & @ susana. First off we went to glen to have lunch at China bar and then we headed to Chadestone. I had some good times but you know when something, Just something is bothering you but there is absolutely nothing you can do about it? But yes! probably the high light of my day is buying a black top from Bardot from $69.95 AUD marked down to $20 it was thebest! another great buy was from priceline: I bought :

Maybelline 24 hr super stay foundation in natural beige

Cover girl Matte poweder for sensitive skin

Reviews soon!*

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My skin is really unbalanced and could change every day. One day it could be perfectly smooth and bump-less and another day I could wake up with my rough patched n my cheeks and my eye lids feeling very tight. I have used a variety of Japanese, Korean and Hong Kong drug store facial products but my skin just doesn't seem to have gotten any better. SO I resorted to using high end brands and i decided to try out BIOTHERM. I went to the biotherm counter in chadestone in Myers and from what i recall I had really really sensitive and peeling skin. The counter lady sat me down and had a conversation with me telling me that I needed to stick to a routine in order for my skin to adapt to ONE range of products. She said using different products from different products the ingredients might react in a negative way. She also mentioned that I have very sensitive skin not necessarily being completely dry ( which i always thought my skin would be). So she introduced me to a range of products that would help my skin slowly recover from its sensitiveness.

The products i use are as listed:

This cleanser claims to balance the pH level in skin, It alsogently removes impurities from the skin whilst helping moderate skin sensitivity to factors such as the weather, diet, pollution and hormones

 This toner is formed in an aerosol can which you just spray onto your face directly after you have used the cleanser. This product soothes is suppose to soothe your skin after cleansing.

This aquasource serum is a moisturising serum that's formulated with the equivalent of 5,000 litres of thermal spring water and enriched with Himalayan pink salt. It works to efficiently protect the skin against dehydration linked to climatic aggressions. As a result, the skin maintains an optimal hydration level, even in extreme conditions (wind, sun and temperature).
 This is the moisturizer i use directly after all the products above. All biotherm aquasource biosensitive products contain ingredients such as grape seed oil, omega 6 and new science that will help enhance and help balance out sensitive skin. This moisturizer is forumlated yet again to balance out pH and to moisturize intensely without making skin oily.

I have been using these products for about a month or so now and my thoughts on this product is of complete honest!

So for all of you guys out there with sensitive there is good news:) this product does help balance out skin tone and also does moisturize dry skin and reduce redness. I realised pores have gone smaller and your skin is a lot more radiant. <3 skin is alot less dry and alot less easily irritated so YAY TO BIOTHERM=] OH and i would love to try the eye contour product. I have huge bags and very uneven skin tone in that area :(

But after using this product for a month I have realized that sometimes I do get random break outs especially at the beginning of starting this new routine. I  do this routine day and  night. Im not quite sure if  i WOULD re-purchase this line of biotherm products again bought i would defiantly re - purchase the aquasource moisturizing serum. This product costed $95 AUD but it was definately worth it. Make up application is now alot more comfortable and alot more smoother.

hope this review helps a little <3
lots of love - emily

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dreaming is one thing, living your dream is another?

During this year I have really discovered that my interest in make up and beauty has become more then just a "like" type thing. I am really inspired by make up gurus on you tube and their ability to speak their mind on what their expression on beauty and what the latest trends are on beauty. That inspiration has made me want to start my own blog world where I share my my thought and my likings to everyone here who shares the same interest as me.

My goals for my blog: [ just little things i plan to do !]
  • Write reviews for all beauty products bought 
  • Look of the week / day (like a look book)
  • current fashion / beauty obsessions
  • I would like to start my own you tube channel once i over come the fear of my own face :) 

" The world is a place of endless opportunities"